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WCPD 1959 Chevrolet

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1959 Chevrolet Impala Coupe

1959 Chevrolet Impala Coupe

Model Stats:
Mint: WCPD
Year: 1959
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Impala Coupe
Color: Frost Blue/White
Scale: 1:24
Year Released: 2004
Limited to:1500
Part #:59IMPFW
Issue Price:$150.00

Reviewed by:
JSS Software Solutions

The much-awaited replicas designed by WCPD (West Coast Precision Diecast) have arrived. I was privileged to have an up close and personal look at both the Harbor Blue Convertible and the Frost Blue and White coupe. I would personally like to thank Brian and Paul for allowing JSS Software the opportunity to review these outstanding replicas first hand.

Everyone whoever watched the television show "Bonanza" back in 1959, has to remember the '59 Impala driving down the highway during the commercials? The jingle playing in the background was "See the USA in your Chevrolet". The '59 is the one that started it all for Chevrolet as the car to own.

It was the saying at Chevrolet Headquarters, "always chrome, always beautiful" when discussing the Impala and its now famous emblem. The graceful "Impala" emblem has adorned more than 13 million Chevrolet Impalas since 1958. As it does the West Coast replica in stunning fashion, it is located on the rear quarter panel trim (view the image above).

In 1959, Impala made up an entire model line for Chevrolet with both two- and four-door versions. According to press materials of the day, mechanical advancements of improved brakes, new suspension and easier handling point to a luxury liner that is marked for top popularity.

The theory worked, and Impala production reached 473,000 units in 1959 - Chevy's top-selling car nameplate. Impala became America's bestseller just one year later.

Moving on to the WCPD replica upon removing it from the box and holding it in my hand I was impressed with its stunning beauty. My mind flashed back to those early commercials and I relived part of my youth, remembering this car in all its splendor and glory.

West Coast captured this image perfectly; the color combination of Frost Blue and white along with the fit and finish of this replica is absolutely stunning. The chrome trim seems to flow with the model, evenly matching from panel to panel. Let me mention the model I received for review was a sample, not a final production model. According to Brian and Paul there are still improvements to be made to the final replica, I was hard pressed to find any.

I am one who likes to view a replica amongst others of the same scale. By doing so I get a better perspective of the replicas scale. I like to call it eye appeal. I assure you this replica certainly had eye appeal, displaying nicely amongst replicas of similar scale.

As for included features, West Coast pushed the envelope to its limit. Some of the options found on this replica are removable skirts; removable hub caps a drive shaft that rotates a glove box and ashtray that opens, even a key in the ignition. I must admit I loved the texture of the seats and the little amenities that were added such as the rear ashtrays. With the removable skirts it made it difficult to decide how to display this replica with skirts or without? It looked stylish in either pose.

I did find the doors hard to open and close, the interior door panel catches on the door latch mounted on the jam. I hope this is resolved on the final production piece? I feel if it is not addressed the door or latch will sustain damage in the future by forcing it open or closed? Also the steering is not operational it is posable however, again not a problem as far as I am concerned.

Viewing the engine compartment you will be hard pressed to find a more detailed presentation on this or any other replica for that fact. Hoses, clamps, belts, throttle return spring; you name it West Coast made sure it's in there. I found the hood required a little persuasion to fully open. If you gently pull it forward, ever so slightly, it opens just fine remember to gently push it back to close. Again no big deal, I love what I saw gracing that power plant and commend the WCPD team on a job well done. This is undoubtedly one of the best engine compartments I ever viewed.

Stepping back to admire the rear of this replica one has to notice those aerodynamic fins and how beautiful they are. I have to tell you West Coast again displayed they did their homework, capturing the look of the ’59 perfectly. The fins form a perfect V at the trunk emblem with graceful sloping lines. The look of the trunk lid adds to the eye appeal that I mentioned above; don't overlook those beautiful taillights either.

Lifting the trunk lid reveals a well-appointed trunk compartment including a spare tire, mat and wiring to the taillights. If that isn't enough detail gently pull the license plate down to reveal the fuel filler cap.

Flipping the model over reveals that the detailing didn't end with the body but included the undercarriage too. I have to tell you I love a detailed undercarriage and here too West Coast shined. They painted the undercarriage the proper color making it period correct and included brake lines, wiring, operational drive shaft and a working suspension.

What's not to love about this model? This is one that needs to be added to your wish list if it isn't already. I commend WCPD with their first release. I suspect as this company matures their future releases will only get better? I for one will be eagerly awaiting many more fabulous replicas from them. Kudos, on a job well done!

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