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 It's November 3rd. I was telling my sister ....
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Billy Collins


Posted - 11/03/2020 :  07:47:58  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
... yesterday... all we can do is - vote and pray.

I'm a conservative Christian with no 'party' alignment. In my area of the country, there are no conservative Democrats. So, I voted a straight Republican ticket 'this time'.
The progressive socialism that the Democrats are preaching will flush this country right down the toilet... just like it has everywhere else it's been established. The past 100 years are proof of 'that'.
If elected... Biden WILL BE A PUPPET.

It's time to find out what GODs plan will be for this country.
Whatever happens I'll continue to be a conservative Christian.



Posted - 11/03/2020 :  08:52:17  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Billy I was in line at our polls here in PA at 6:15 AM waiting to vote along with my wife. I was sent a mail-in ballot which I chose not to use preferring to vote in person. The ballot was sent to me without request; I am a registered Republican. I had enough brains to bring it, un-opened, to my polling place. When they brought me up on their computer I got a big speech on how I couldn't vote because I received a mail in ballot. I pulled said ballot out of my pocket and informed the judge that I was handing it in to vote in person, she was rather surprised that a dumb Republican knew the law. I along with my wife were pulled to the side, filled out a form stating we surrendered our mail in ballot, which we did not request, and then got to vote in person. My question is this, how many more OLD people got a mail-in and threw it out and left the polling place with out being able to cast a vote because they didn't know they could do a provisional. Hmmmm, I smell a bad odor here. I voted republican, not because of Trump, but for the ideals that I stand for. And if you think I will give government a penny more than I have to, think again.

Go vote! I don't give a rat's ass who you vote for either... but vote.

Edited by - Myron on 11/03/2020 10:27:26
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Posted - 11/04/2020 :  04:02:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Wise of you to do that, Myron. Don't know if you got that idea from some other source or just had your own hunch, but I'll be sure to follow it up in my state with our county board.... before next election comes around.

I voted absentee, at an established polling station for that purpose two weeks ago, and voted on the official voting machine. There isn't a "paper-ballot".
But I left wondering after that..... what if I showed up on election day to vote in person? Would they know I had voted before, one, and two would I be able to turn the absentee vote off as - like you mentioned - "provisional"?
How would they know, without a paper ballot how to back out my absentee vote? (and if they do know, it's tied to my name in a database somewhere and could be used for some politician's other not-so-good reasons against me, maybe)
This "convenience" voting has holes in it, I think.

In the last two weeks there could have been a good reason to change my initial vote. Turns out there wasn't, but I still wonder if I have that right.

Billy, I voted against socialism. There are a lot of issues I care about that that vote will not represent my wishes, but I won't allow socialists into our government.
I didn't run for my party convention delegate this time for the same reason...I won't vote for socialists. A "safety-net" is one thing, free everything rather than working for it is quite another.

Edited by - Skylark on 11/04/2020 04:23:14
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Posted - 11/05/2020 :  00:19:22  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
lol....I just saw that Nevada has a choice on their ballot "None of these Candidates" ..... in the vote counting so far, 10,503 have voted for it!

Edited by - Skylark on 11/05/2020 00:20:37
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