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Diecast Forums 1:24, 1:18, 1:43 scales.
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 Today I realized I could never run for public
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Posted - 11/14/2017 :  09:46:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
office. Watching the news today I asked myself why would anyone ever want to run for public office? Let me mention before I go any further I have no interest in ANY race going on right now, I am politically burnt out, I'm done!

As for me I am now an old man, I was a young man once who had a lot of fun in my day. As a young man I dated or hung out with a lot of women, some I knew well others were just casual people I met along the way. I don't remember them all and I sure as hell don't remember some names or where they lived. Also, in my military days my travels crossed a lot of people, I can see some of their faces in my memory but other than that I don't remember names or even places; it was fifty plus years ago. Hell, I don't remember who got a hug or whatever else may have happened. My point is simple how can someone come forward fifty years after the fact and say what is being said today about anyone? Look I am NOT saying it didn't happen or am I defending anyone; I am NOT doing that but how can this be possible.

Once I was in a rehab center to receive some PT, as I sat there filling out the forms I heard the girls taking at the receiving counter and the one woman said Friday was her last day she was retiring. I glanced up to take a look and I remember thinking good for her; she looked like she was in her seventies and it was her time to enjoy life. When I finished filling out my forms I took them to the counter and this woman made it her point to grab my forms. OK, I thought it was odd but hey it is what it is. As she reached out for my forms she looked me in the eye and said "You don't remember me, do you?" Holy crap, I don't, I apologized for anything stupid I may have done fifty plus years ago, but no, I had no clue who she was. My point is how the hell do you deal with this crap? Enough already on all sides of the isle.

As for me no public office in my future that I assure you. What this election taught me is people I thought I knew, I didn't and it's sad.



Posted - 11/14/2017 :  13:26:25  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I agree with you Myron. What really bothers me is that in todays world if a young man sees or meets a girl that he really likes how the hell does he ask her for a date without getting into trouble. Boy, I am sure glad I grew up in the time that I did. I am like you Myron, I would never run for public office.
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Frank Kocour


Posted - 11/15/2017 :  06:19:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Myron, I completely identify. I'm a bit of a writer and many years ago I threatened to write a book about life and growing older, but I never made the notes in a notebook that would serve as a data base of events. However, many of them are still in my mind.

So who was that woman? Did she ever tell you?

As for politics you mimic my attitude exactly. Prior to the Obama race I was never really interested in politics, but once he got into the mix along with some other democrats I started paying attention. I got so wrapped up in politics that I could converse fluently and intelligently about the candidates and probably win a debate or two.

Now, once again, I have zero interest in politics. It's all a bunch of phonies, gripers, whiners, liars, do-gooders and persons with personal agendas. I do support President Trump and I'm at peace with his administration. Enough so that I have let it go and am now paying attention to life with a certain amount of joy.

Don, I never have been a name rememberer, but amazingly I can pull some names out of the air of persons who made an impression on me. I've even tried to look them up (my college roomy is one of them). After my divorce in 1979 I dated a lot of women. I use the word "dated" pretty loosely. It's probably a good thing that I never ran for any office, LOL.

I don't understand how all of this bad personal history can be resurrected and taken seriously. There may be some women (and men) who literally were raped and were afraid to come forward and now do so. But for those women who were kissed on the lips or had their ass grabbed without their permission or gave it up thinking they would entrap someone and failed - and now feel it's time to get even - I hope they are made a laughing stock.
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Posted - 11/15/2017 :  09:02:51  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Frank, I don't know who the woman was, didn't ask, it was very uncomfortable at the time, I just wanted to get out of there.

Here is one more thing rolling around in my brain. Since all these people are being outed, for sexual harassment, losing jobs, families etc. because of the allegations of long ago, how does Buba get a free ride? Maybe because he is a member of the good boys club? Don't get it.

Speaking for myself I am not perfect, never was, but I always thought I was a good man. I am married 43 years to my best friend, she thinks I am a good man and that is what counts. I guess only time will confirm that long after I'm gone, but I tried.

Edited by - Myron on 11/15/2017 09:06:31
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Posted - 11/16/2017 :  18:52:04  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
One more story. Rose's father lived with us until his death, Mike lived to be 93, he was legally blind and deaf. I had his drivers license pulled in his mid eighties so he didn't kill somebody as he loved to go out every night to the local mall and sit with his old friends. When his license was pulled Rose faithfully drove him to the mall every night for 7 and picked him up at 9. One night we get a call from mall security to come and get him because he harassed a young girl at the food court. This was not my father-in-law, he was as sharp as a tack, plus he couldn't see to walk to the food court.

When we got there Mike was beside himself; he had no idea what was going on. By now the state police had been called and we wanted to confront the young lady who made the claim about Mike. Up we went with the officer and when questioned by the officer she admitted she made a mistake, Mike was never the same after that. I wanted to pursue legal action, Mike did not. Sometimes things aren't what they look like, as was the case with Mike.
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