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1934 Ford Blown Hemi Coupe (Pork Chop)

1934 Ford Blown Hemi Coupe (Pork Chop)

Model Stats:
Mint: GMP
Year: 1934
Make: Ford
Model: Blown Hemi Coupe (Pork Chop)
Color: Gray
Scale: 1:18
Year Released: 2004
Limited to:1000
Part #:6001
Issue Price:$119.95

More Info:

’Pork Chop’ series what’s not to love? Car guys know of many stories and legends about other car guys. Some are fictional and some, well, sound so made up that you might think they were fictional, but are not.

GMP recently uncovered an "urban legend" lurking in their "neck of the woods". Just outside of Winder is Pine Sap, Georgia. A small, almost forgotten little town, with one post office and a fabulous little known secret. Pine Sap is home to a little known hot­rodder named Pork Chop. Pork Chop is the owner and proprietor of Pork Chop’s Chop Shop. Right over his garage door hangs this slogan: "Fastest Chops in the South!".

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