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1961 Showboat Tommy Ivo 4 Engine Showboat

1961 Showboat Tommy Ivo 4 Engine Showboat

Model Stats:
Mint: GMP
Year: 1961
Make: Showboat
Model: Tommy Ivo 4 Engine Showboat
Color: Red
Scale: 1:18
Year Released: 2005
Limited to:5000
Part #:G1800809
Issue Price:$139.95

More Info:

Tommy Ivo noticed the tremendous crowd response to his famous twin­engine dragster, and arrived at the conclusion: "If they like it with two, they’ll love one with four." Four yes count ’em, FOUR 454 cubic inch Buick Nailheads, and a total of 32 cylinders pumping out 1720 horsepower covering the quarter mile at over 170 M.P.H. in 9.14 seconds!

Tommy Ivo Showboat

Tommy built the four­wheel drive with the two left­hand engines driving the front wheels and the right­hand driving the rear. Each axle had the equivalent of a virtual a V­16 engine driving them forward. This set up made the NHRA nervous fearing more racers might go the same direction, increasing the danger to everyone. Their final decision rendered the four­engine car good for exhibition runs only, the first to be so designated. That judgment stopped the showboat from competing, but it did become T.V. Tommy Ivo’s signature dragster.

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