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1962 Showboat Tommy Ivo

1962 Showboat Tommy Ivo "Barnstormer"

Model Stats:
Mint: GMP
Year: 1962
Make: Showboat
Model: Tommy Ivo "Barnstormer"
Color: Red
Scale: 1:18
Year Released: 2005
Limited to:Unknown
Part #:G1800813
Issue Price:$129.55

More Info:

After touring for a year doing exhibitions with his engined Showboat, Tommy Ivo having just opened his chassis shop and heard that Dave Zeuschel, one of the premier engine men around, was available. Tommy immediately offered Zeuschel a chance to work with him on his new chassis that had to be ready in a little over a week. Tommy, Dave, and Rod Peppmuller (Tommy’s main fabricator) didn’t get much sleep but the dragster was ready in time for Saturday’s qualifier. The event was dubbed "The World’s Fair Race" in Seattle and the Barnstormer lived up to its name, defeating "Big Daddy" Don Garlits to win the event. Tommy and the Barnstormer became the first car to run 190 M.P.H. in succession at Long Beach, Pomona, and San Gabriel. It was at San Gabriel in 1962 that the Barnstormer became the first car to make a seven second run, another first for "Instant Ivo".

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