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1934 Ford Pork Chop Altered Coupe

1934 Ford Pork Chop Altered Coupe

Model Stats:
Mint: GMP
Year: 1934
Make: Ford
Model: Pork Chop Altered Coupe
Color: Black
Scale: 1:18
Year Released: 2005
Part #:G1802805
Issue Price:$129.55

More Info:

Pork Chop’s son Buddy thought it was high time to work his own special brand of magic on the ole P.C. Coupe, although PC thought it just need another coat of gray primer. Buddy’s specialty is his ability to form metal and spray killer paint jobs knew that the only color paint that would fit the hot rod’s attitude was gloss black with a killer set of flames. He added a 30’s custom front chrome grill and behind it added an aluminum fuel tank for "another kind of fuel". More chrome than PC liked was added and Buddy put a set of custom magnesium wheels with giant slicks to put the power to the pavement. Pork Chop wondered what his daddy Hester would have thought about the job his grandson had done on his legacy coupe. "I know Daddy Hester would be proud, just don’t sell it to some knucklehead who’ll run her into a swamp!" Now that Buddy is building cars with his Daddy, who knows what they’ll come up with next. Late at night on the outskirts of Pine Sap, you’ll hear the sounds of high revin’ engines and squealing tires as the next generation adds his touch to the legend.

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