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JSS Diecast Model Reviews for JuDees Collectibles.

JuDees Collectibles
JSS Software takes into consideration the following attributes when reviewing a model:
  1. Fit and finish.
  2. Quality control.
  3. Price.
  4. Bling (extra goodies).
  5. Overall image representation of original.

One cork. Use as a sinker for deep-sea fishing.
One cork. Two Corks. This is a paperweight or pencil holder.
One cork. Two corks. Three corks. A middle of the road piece you decide if it’s worth the price.
One cork. Two corks. Three corks. Four corks. Not a bad image, worth putting on the shelf, not without flaws.
One cork. Two corks. Three corks. Four corks. Five corks. It "popped our cork" buy it!

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JuDees Collectibles Reviews
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JuDees Collectibles
1931 Divco Twin Coach Helm's Bakery Truck Yellow

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