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Automodello 1963 Ford

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1963 Ford Mustang Concept Car

1963 Ford Mustang Concept Car

Model Stats:
Mint: Automodello
Year: 1963
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang Concept Car
Color: White/Blue Stripe
Scale: 1:24
Year Released: 2018
Limited to:299
Part #:24F040
Issue Price:$249.95
Shipping:Free Shipping

Reviewed by:
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1970 Lincoln Continental

Automodello 1963 Ford Mustang Concept Car

We received the pre-production Mustangs for review and photos, and we were pleasantly surprised with the build quality, of these pre-production models. Having personally owned a few of Fords pony cars it was my pleasure to fondle these gorgeous replicas and admire what would be one of the best-selling automobiles ever. Personally I am partial to a red automobile; I just love the way the color pops on anything on wheels, and that red Stang just screamed to me, truthfully both are keepers; it all comes down to taste.

The following history of this model has been copied from the Automodello site and makes an interesting read.

With the stunning debut of the Mustang I concept in the summer of 1962 Ford had a problem, and became—in a sense—a victim of its own success. The little 2-seat, mid-engine sports car had generated tremendous excitement, but it was essentially a hand built experimental prototype sports racer with a tubular spaceframe, 4-wheel independent suspension, and a unique V4 engine that was not used on any domestic production model. New Ford boss Lee Iacocca had greenlighted production on a sporty little production car called the Mustang, but it would be based on Ford Falcon mechanicals and share virtually nothing with that original concept but the name. Ford needed to direct all the excitement over the prototype toward a more production-ready version of the Mustang, and thus the 1963 Mustang II Concept was born.

Development on the production Mustang was well underway in preparation for its April 1964 release, so unlike the traditional concept car, the Mustang II would not shape the street car’s configuration—it would follow and foreshadow it. That was its purpose: to bridge consumer expectations and get the public ready to accept the production pony. The Mustang II Concept was actually built on one of the production Mustang prototypes by Dearborn Steel Tubing (DST)—a fabrication company Ford had used for this type of job previously. DST yanked off the bumpers and designed a special front grille and valence, establishing the corralled pony grille trim that would be such an iconic part of the production ’64 model. Special spear-shaped front fenders were designed and incorporated mesh-covered headlight recesses. In fact, that valence and the front fenders are all a single piece of steel grafted onto the front of the production-spec Mustang. The rear got similar treatment, with the rear cap being extended, the triple taillights elongated into the lower valence and quad exhaust tips extended through it. The car started life as a notchback hardtop, but DST sliced it into a roadster that mimicked the look of the production convertible, but no folding top was installed. Instead they built a one-off removable hardtop. Under the hood sat a largely stock 271hp Hi-Po 289 with a few tricks to enhance showmanship, like trick lifters specifically designed to make the Mustang rumble like a race car.

1970 Lincoln Continental Mark IIILike the original 2-seater, the Mustang II was premiered at Watkins Glen—one year later, in the fall of 1963. It then went on the show circuit and a press tour until just before the unveiling of the production car in the spring of ’64. Once that happened the Mustang II went into storage and has rarely been seen since. But it remains a crucial piece of the Mustang history, and has a direct lineage to the beloved Ford that established the pony car genre and became an American icon that endures until this day.

Automodello specializes in historically significant automobiles that have been neglected or overlooked by the model industry. Working in close concert with Ford, and following its precision 1:24 replica of the 1962 Mustang I Concept, Automodello now offers collectors the chance to own another essential chapter of the Mustang story rendered in exquisite 1:24 resin with photoetched metal detail and trim. The Mustang II Concept, as it appeared in 1963 in white with blue stripes, will be produced in just 299 pieces as the Standard Edition, while a very special Tribute Edition specifically authorized by Ford comes to you in just 50 hand-numbered examples wearing Tribute Red. Congratulations on owning this very special, very exclusive piece of Mustang history.

As I mentioned earlier these two models are pre-production and for the most part are expertly assembled and presented. The paint on both models was flawlessly applied, the shut lines are realistically well done, remember these are resin models with no functioning doors or hood. I was very impressed with the interior detail of both models; it was very well replicated and very highly detailed. Also both models came supplied with an optional top which simply sits rather easily on the model, making a dramatic statement when installed.

The Automodello 1963 Mustang finished in Tribute Red is a very limited edition of 50 models worldwide, the 1963 Mustang finished in White with Blue stripes is the standard run, which is also a limited edition with a run of 299 pieces worldwide. Both models come attached to their base but can be easily removed if that is your preference, Automodello does offer a clear plastic cover for their base and it is available for order on their website too.

1970 Lincoln Continental Mark IIIBottom line either model worked for me, like I mentioned I was a Ford Pony guy, if mine could talk who knows the stories they would tell? I have a lot of wonderful memories in all three of mine, and having the pleasure to view how it all began has been a pleasant trip down memory lane for me and it could be for you too. Both models are a wonderful addition to the Pony car stable, you won't regret adding either one to your collection.

Mint: Automodello
Year: 1963
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
LE: Standard Issue 299 units, Tribute Edition: 50 units
Scale: 1:24
Color: White/ Blue Stripes (Standard Issue), Tribute Red (Tribute Edition)
Issue Price: $249.95 (Standard) $349.95 (Tribute Edition)
Part #:24F040 (Standard Edition), 24F041 (Tribute Edition)

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1963 Ford Mustang1963 Ford Mustang 1963 Ford Mustang1963 Ford Mustang1963 Ford Mustang1963 Ford Mustang1963 Ford Mustang1963 Ford Mustang

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