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What is Swap and Trade?

Swap and Trade diecast models and diecast parts all for FREE. JSS Swap/Trade is designed to allow our quest the pleasure of swapping or trading diecast models or diecast parts with fellow collector's. Yes, it's that simple. And our pages our dynamic so your personal information isn't available by spybots.

What does it cost to use this page?

Swap and Trade Die Cast Models for Free.We supply this service Free of charge. Simply submit your request below, for review, once we clear it, it will be added to the site. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your request is placed on the site.

* JSS does not act as a middleman/broker on any trade or sale. All trades/deals are made solely by the buyer and seller and caution should be taken on any transaction regardless of country of origin. Never wire money to anyone regardless of what they promise; it's a scam.

Known Scammers: Hardy, Hardy uses a ton of aliases, report him to me immediately, DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this individual, and a William Bloom. These scammers are the lowest scum of the earth avoid them at all cost.

Never use a wire service for payment; it should set off a red flag; they may be looking to scam you. JSS can't protect you from stupid... Please report these scum bags to the police; you've been robbed.

Swap/Trade Die Cast Replicas And Parts.
Swap/Trade/Parts Needed Contact
Wanted: Danbury Mint 1948 Aerosedan, parts.
  • door mirror
  • door handles
  • rearwheel covers/skirts
  • box/paperwork
Thank You!
Wanted: I looking for a replacement convertible roof or retracted roof for Danbury 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W30 Convertible not looking to trade just buy.
Wanted: Tail lights for a 1:24 '60 Chevy.
Wanted: WestCoast Precision Diecast Dioramas.. I have Junk yard and the Used car lot looking for the other 4 in the series .
Wanted: The following parts are needed:
  • Side mirror for 1962 VW Microbus
  • Driver door handle for 1959 Cadillac.
  • Driver side rear bumperette for 1960 Mercedes.
  • Passenger side mirror for 1950 Divco.
  • Scoop for 57 Chevy Pro Street.