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WCPD 1959 Chevrolet

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1959 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

1959 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

Model Stats:
Mint: WCPD
Year: 1959
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Impala Convertible
Color: Harbor Blue
Scale: 1:24
Year Released: 2004
Limited to:1500
Part #:59IMPHB
Issue Price:$150.00

Reviewed by:
JSS Software Solutions

Where do I start with yet another impressive model from WCPD? I thought their Frost Blue and White '59 Coupe was a beautiful replica, the 1959 Convertible recreated in Harbor Blue is just as nice.

The fit and finish on this replica is as good as it gets. The paint is smooth and glass like with a very rich deep shine. It is painted Harbor Blue with a White boot and removable top, it can be posed top up or down, your choice. The skirts are removable along with the hubcaps. The Chrome lines up panel-to-panel the front wheels are posable. You will have two very hard decisions to make once this model arrives. Do you pose it top up or down? And what about the skirts leave them or loose them.

I personally prefer it posed top up with skirts, just to show off the outstanding job West Coast did in recreating the top for this replica. Notice the very distinct ribbing along with the realistic texture. Placing it on the replica is simple; no fiddling required setting it in place. Those of you with convertibles know how difficult some are to pose top up. In most cases you had to twist, bend or add an adhesive to get the replica to pose properly in the top up position. Not with the West Coast replica, just set the top in place and you're done.

If you choose to pose it top down West Coast supplied a white boot to do just that. I did have a difficult time getting it to stay in the proper position snugly. The boot is made of a very soft rubber with a mind of its own. It took nothing more than a little bending and twisting to persuade it into the proper position with a perfect fit achieved.

The bonus of posing this replica in the top down position is you get to admire its gorgeous interior. I can't overstate how well done the interior is on this model. The seats alone are worth showing off as they are absolutely gorgeous their texture is period perfect.

West Coast recreated this replica with a rubber floor mat rather than a rug. The '59 Convertible did not offer a rug as an option; the rubber mat was how this automobile rolled off the assembly line. I personally prefer the authenticity of the mat to a rug; I grew up with these automobiles and remember the mat well. The average family back in '59 would have purchased this or any automobile with the rubber floor mat rather than pay the additional price for a rug if available, at least mine would. Rugs when available were viewed, as an added expense deemed not necessary to the average working man. The floor mat installed in this replica is textured like they would have been in '59.

Take a few minutes to admire the detail of this interior. Especially, the dash I can't emphasize enough how much thought went into this dash. Gauges are readable and realistic glove box opens, ashtray opens, and a key is in the ignition. The design team of WCPD did an outstanding job recreating the interior of this replica.

The only problem I noticed with the interior design is the doors. Both doors are difficult to open and close. Let me emphasize the model I reviewed is a sample not a production piece. Therefore I conclude this problem will be rectified before the model actually ships? The problem seems to be the interior door panel catches on the door latch, which is located on the door jam. It seems to be a simple fix move the interior panel back slightly so it clears the latch.

Viewing the engine compartment it too is lacking nothing. Like the Frost Blue and White '59 Chevy Coupe this replica borrowed a page out of the same book. If the 1:1 had it under the hood West Coast saw that their replica did too.

Plug wires, hoses, clamps, throttle pull back spring, labels, belts the list goes on and on. The West Coast replicas have one of the most detailed engine compartments I have ever viewed. Not only did they put all the parts in there but they are in there correctly. By that I mean straight and with the proper fit, you will be amazed by the amount of detail West Coast put in that compartment.

Viewing the rear of this replica will place a smile on your face with its aerodynamic look, captured so well by West Coast. The slope of the fins is perfect forming the proper V in the center of the trunk lid. The chrome trim around those fins fits snugly to the body adding to exceptional eye appeal. I love the taillights; they compliment the rear appearance of this replica very well, also.

Lifting the trunk lid you will view a period correct trunk. You will be pleasantly surprised to view wiring to the taillights along with a spare tire and fuel filler tube. Still want more? Gently pull the license plate down to view the fuel filler cap.

Detailing didn't end at body design on the ’59 Convertible. Flip the model over and you will be impressed with a very detailed undercarriage. Fuel and break lines a rotating drive shaft a period correct painted undercarriage and more. I got to tip my hat to West Coast on another job very well done.

West Coast didn't skimp on any extras going the extra mile to assure they put a smile on your face. I am grinning from ear to ear!

Our Ranking: Pop my cork. Pop my cork. Pop my cork. Pop my cork. Pop my cork.