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WCPD 1962 Chevrolet

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1962 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

1962 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

Model Stats:
Mint: WCPD
Year: 1962
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Impala Convertible
Color: Black
Scale: 1:24
Year Released: 2005
Limited to:1500
Part #:62IMPBK
Issue Price:$150.00

Reviewed by:
JSS Software Solutions

WCPD has one goal in mind or so it seems with each ’New release of their stunning Impala’s. That goal is to raise the bar so high that no one can come close to the amount of detail and accuracy that went into creating this stunning line of replicas.

From its glass like finish to the opening glove box, what’s not to love. WCPD models continue to spike the bling meter with each preceding release. The color combination is an excellent choice for this replica, rather appealing to the eye.

In typical WCPD fashion the engine compartment lacks nothing. The massive 409 engine that compliments the ’62 Impala SS is loaded with bling. Upon opening the hood I felt like a kid on Christmas. You remember that, don’t you? Remember opening that first present and anticipating what would be found once that gift was unwrapped. Let me tell you the excitement I experienced viewing the engine compartment for the first time was nothing but admiration for the team at WCPD for doing their homework well. You name it, it’s in there: wires, hoses, fan belt, brake line, labels etc. the list goes on and on, you get the picture. Bling, bling, bling!

I blew a head gasket when I started to examine the interior of this replica. What fantastic attention to detail, I congratulate Mr. Dunning and his design team for one outstanding interior. You want to talk detail, bling or anything else that makes a model special, look no further; it’s all in this model. The glove box opens, the gauges are readable, the radio actually has the station numbers on it.

Check out the seats and door panels, the detail is just outstanding. Everything looks scaled to perfection and is pleasing to the eye. I love the four­speed shifter it looks right at home in this car, not to big or thick, designed to flow perfectly with the interior. Viewing the ball on the shifter has to put a smile on your face just look at the detail, beautiful.

Viewing this model from the rear had me grinning like a kid on my first date; it was precise in detail and gorgeous, just like my first date.

Maybe this model appeals to me because I grew up with this body style. I never had the pleasure of viewing the SS 409 up close and personal as a kid but a few of our neighbors did own this body style and I remember it well. It’s funny how memories of my youth come flooding back when I hold a particular model in my hands. This is one of those models that are full of good memories.

Bottom line if you are a collector of high­end models, then this model deserves a spot on your shelf. I love the black exterior with the tan interior; it gives this model that special eye appeal that screams look at me.

As for detail and bling this model exemplifies what I am taking about when I refer to bling on a model. From nose to tail, top to bottom this model is what they all should be gauged by, outstanding in every aspect of design and detail. This model is unquestionably a very strong 5 Star model, worthy of a spot on any shelf regardless of what you collect.

Our Ranking: Pop my cork. Pop my cork. Pop my cork. Pop my cork. Pop my cork.