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Your software is just great. It is amazing to me of all the preloaded cars that comes with it. The thing that is really great is that I can put in other cars in my collection that you do not have listed. I can even put in my plastic model kits that I have built and have a record of them. I look forward to your monthly newsletters. Your support is out of this world. Thanks for a great product and all of your hard work.

Duane Eads
Cheyenne, Wyoming

JSS Software Solutions. #1 Diecast Software.

JSS Diecast Software

JSS Diecast software affords the serious collector an efficient way to maintain his/her personal model collection with the flexibility to store any model regardless of mint, make or model in our database, even your custom-built model kits. You can print out reports which can be used as a reference for insurance purposes too.

JSS Die Cast software is a Free download, no strings attached. Simply add your models via our Add/Edit Model Form first, then select them in My Collection. That's it! Add them one time via Add/Edit then use them an infinite number of times in My Collection.

We do include a lengthy built in help system which explains exactly how to add models so you shouldn't have a problem adding models to our software. If you need assistance with this software please post your questions on our Software Forum as that is the only support we will offer for this Free-ware software.JSS Diecast Software.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 8; Windows 7; Windows Server 2003 R2 (32-Bit x86);Windows Server 2008 R2; Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2; Windows Vista Service Pack 1 or Greater; Windows XP Service Pack 3.

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MAC users please checkout vmware Fusion for running our software on OS X.


JSS_FREEWARE is available to everyone at NO Charge. This software is delivered via download AS-IS and does NOT include support.

To obtain your copy of JSS Die Cast Software you must first complete the request form, and after review we will send you a link to download our software. --------> Download Request Form <--------