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West Coast Precision Diecast Garage.Are you looking for a specific model and wonder if it was ever created in Die Cast? You came to the right place to find out if your dream model was ever created, and if so, who made it.

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To search our extensive database of die cast models simply select one or all of the fields above. For example to locate a '55 Chevy simply select 1955 from the year, and Chevrolet from the Make. And presto you will be shown all the Chevrolet's of 1955 by all manufactures. If you would like to narrow that search simply choose the mint you want to view for models.

You may refine your search at any time simply by selecting any item from the drop down list. If you don't want to see a specific year simply leave the year choice at Select Year and we will retrieve all the Chevrolet's manufactured by the mints. Or if you would like to see what models are available for 1948 with no regard to make simply select 1948 from Year and leave all the remaining fields blank.

You get the idea, have fun, and we hope you find that magic model of your dreams on our pages. And remember the manufactures logo is hot, on all our pages, so to be redirected to the manufacturer's web site to view if the model is still available simply click on their logo wherever you see it on our site and we will place you on their model page.

* To view all the information regarding a model once you retrieve your search results simply click on the Part # to view all the information we have available on the model.