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Franklin Mint 1950 Chevrolet

The Franklin Mint
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1950 Chevrolet Bel Air Coupe LE

1950 Chevrolet Bel Air Coupe LE

Model Stats:
Mint: Franklin Mint
Year: 1950
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Bel Air Coupe LE
Color: Oxford Maroon Metallic
Scale: 1:24
Year Released: 2004
Limited to:2500
Part #:C405
Issue Price:$120.00

Reviewed by:
JSS Ssoftware Solutions

Known as the poor man’s Cadillac since the majority of the nation could not afford a Cadillac or even a new car for that matter this was the car of choice in my hometown back in the 50’s. It actually was styled after the Cadillac by General Motors selling new for approximately $1800.00.

1950 Chevrolet Bel Air

Recently, I received a pleasant surprise I heard a knock on the door and their sitting on the back porch was a brown box. Not knowing what was inside at the time I was apprehensive to rush in to open it. You see I have a few friends with a weird sense of humor and God only knows what might pop out of that box. That’s a whole other story, which I’ll let your imagination run with. Thankfully, in the case of this box I received an e­mail informing me to expect a surprise from the Franklin Mint. Thankfully, my paranoia left and I was able to breathe again.

Upon opening the box I found a beautiful rendition of the 1950 Chevrolet Bel Air manufactured by the Franklin Mint in what seems to be Oxford Maroon with a Moonlight Cream top. Let me mention this was one of the recently released models by the Franklin Mint in a limited edition of approximately 2500 pieces. The model I received is correlation #2.

Once I unpacked this little gem and placed it on my desk for review I had a smile from ear to ear boy this is one sweet replica. I own both its cousins the Green Franklin Mint 1950 Convertible and the Franklin Mint 1950 Yellow and Maroon Coupe. I love the color combination on this rendition it will fit nicely between its kissing cousins in my display case.

Since this was a very popular automobile in our little town I know it well. Actually, a dear friend of mine who is now deceased owned an exact replica of the Yellow Coupe. It actually was his father’s car that was purchased new. If you viewed the car today it still looks like it could be sitting on a showroom floor somewhere all original. There isn’t a day that goes by that the Yellow Bel Air doesn’t catch my eye reminding me of my dear departed friend.

Reviewing this model I must say the fit and finish is perfect along with the paint being flawless. Granted it is a repaint of an old model but it’s a Bel Air what’s not to love. The chrome trim lines up perfectly; hood ornament sits straight not cocked left or right as it does on my Green convertible. I love the black photo­etched wipers they really do something for the overall appearance of this replica. The tires and hubcaps seem to be spot on with the tires being period correct, also.

Opening the hood there in its entire splendor is the famous OHV in line six­cylinder engine. Remember working on these simple machines way back when? You only needed a few wrenches to take these motors apart where have those days gone? I opened the hood on my daily driver and couldn’t even find the dipstick to check the oil. My lovely wife who was standing next to me remarked there it is. I replied where? She pointed at me and said right there (referring that I was the dipstick) got to love them right? I closed the hood figuring the add oil light will come on if I need any oil. All in all I found the engine detail to be excellent on this replica. I crawled under the hood of many of these cars it’s all there as I remembered it.

Opening the door to inspect the interior my silly grin widened once again. It was again how I remembered it all those years ago. However, coming from a small coal town no one could afford an automatic transmission, which this model must be since there is no visible clutch therefore, I presume this replica was equipped with the optional automatic? The dashboard is very well presented too. I enjoyed the heater tube that dried many wet gloves for me throughout my youth during the winter months. Again the cars I remembered didn’t have rugs rather rubber mats this again is an upscale 50’s Bel Air.

Inside the trunk you will locate the limited edition plate with the model number affixed to it. On this model it reads 0002/2500 along with a rubber trunk mat, spare tire and tire jack.

FM 1950 Chevrolet bel Air

Flipping the model over one will notice a very nicely done undercarriage. Frame rails, rear axle, drive shaft, suspension and exhaust all are included. Overall I love this replica I believe it is reasonably priced at $120.00 for a Limited Edition of approximately 2500 pieces. I am not sure if the color combination was actually available on this model in 1950? Nor do I remember if the gray interior was period correct? I know in our town this color was not one of the automobiles I remember. I did attempt to search the Internet for more information on this automobile looking for the available color combinations and nowhere was I able to find this combination as an actual pair. This automobile receives 4 stars based solely on the color combination being period correct; otherwise this one gets a 5.

Our Ranking: Pop my cork. Pop my cork. Pop my cork. Pop my cork.