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Franklin Mint 1933 Ford

The Franklin Mint
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1933 Ford Deluxe - John Dillinger

1933 Ford Deluxe - John Dillinger

Model Stats:
Mint: Franklin Mint
Year: 1933
Make: Ford
Model: Deluxe - John Dillinger
Color: Black
Scale: 1:24
Year Released: 2001
Part #:YF78
Issue Price:$120.00

Reviewed by:
JSS Software Solutions

Franklin Mint did a series of gangster era automobiles that I never quite understood what this collection represented. Was it to glamorize gangsters in some strange way? I doubt it. I assume it was to emphasize their preference of automobiles and the history behind their rides.

For some reason I can’t envision a group of gangsters gathered around a table in a smoke filled room discussing the latest release in this series. I can hear it now, "the door gaps need to be better, and for that they will sleep with the fishes." Or "no let’s just send them a valentine card or better yet we will deliver it ourselves".

1933 Ford

No matter what the reasoning behind this series I am grateful it was created. There are some fascinating replicas in this collection that are beautiful on their own merit. I especially enjoy the ’33 Ford Coupe that John Dillinger made famous. Dillinger emphasized that a Ford V­8 equipped car was essentially the fastest automobile on the planet, making it untouchable in a high­speed chase. Dillinger had a preference when stealing an automobile, it had to be a Ford V­8, hence the creation of the Dillinger Ford.

1933 Ford

Most law enforcement officers viewed this end of the car as Dillinger sped down a dirt road while eluding capture once again. Franklin Mint did a fantastic job recreating this automobile especially the rear view. The amount of detail captured is very good and authentic. I love the spare tire, taillights and overall appearance it captures the era perfectly.

Can't you envision the plume of dust following the car, with an occasional puff of smoke as it raced down a rural road? How about imagining a gangster standing on the running board, his gun a blazing, as he held on to the suicide door while eluding capture once again. I can and do…maybe I have to vivid of an imagination.

John Dillinger went from small time crook to America’s Most Wanted after an ill­fated bank robbery left a police officer dead. By modern standards, Dillinger­s crimes seem relatively tame, but being named Public Enemy No. 1 gave him legendary status in Hoosier infamy.

John Herbert Dillinger Jr. was born on June 22, 1903, in Indianapolis. He grew up on Cooper Street near the Massachusetts Avenue railroad tracks on the Northeast side. When he was a teen­ager, his father, a grocer, moved the family to Mooresville, a small farming community near Indianapolis’ Southwest side. It was there that Dillinger committed his first recorded crime — a car theft.

Anna Sage, the infamous "woman in red", with whom Dillinger had been living in a Chicago brothel, betrayed Dillinger. Chicago FBI chief, Melvin Purvis, was tipped off by Sage that Dillinger would be attending a movie called "Manhatten Melodrama" at the Biograph Theater on Chicago’s North side. Sage wore the infamous red dress to alert the FBI that the man she was with was Dillinger.

On July 22, 1934, 15 FBI agents surrounded the theater. Once Purvis identified Dillinger, the agents closed in. Dillinger pulled a gun and the agents opened fire, killing Dillinger. Just three bullets struck Dillinger. The fatal shot passed through the back of his neck and exited just under his right eye. He was shot twice in the chest; one bullet passed through the tip of his heart.

1933 Ford

Look at the front of this fantastic automobile; to me is a true work of art. I love everything about it. From those big round headlamps, the long stunning grille, what’s not to love. Franklin Mint did an outstanding job recreating this beautiful replica of a very fascinating automobile. I could care less of its affiliation to John Dillinger. I personally purchased this replica for the image it represents, the best ’33 Ford replica known to exist.

I am very surprised that this tool hasn’t received more mileage. The ’33 Ford could have been recreated into a street rod or even a repaint of some sort. I am a fan of this image and would love to see more of this year produced. I feel this is a very under­ appreciated replica that deserves a place in your collection. I personally would buy any recreation of this image; it is one of my all time favorite models.

If you have the chance to purchase the John Dillinger Ford by all means do so, you won’t be disappointed. The fit and finish is superb. Being a replica from the thirties there is not much fanfare associated with its lines or detail. It was an automobile designed to move you from point A to point B and did it rather well.

1933 Ford

Franklin Mint captured every aspect of this automobile perfectly. It is full of detail, albeit modest, from under its hood to its fascinating interior. There was not one flaw that would compel me to flag this model as a buy.

1933 Ford

Bottom line, this replica deserves of a place in your collection based on the image alone, forget Dillinger. If you are a collector of gangster memorabilia then you will love the additional items included with this model. They are replicas of miniature machine guns, bank moneybags and a copy of the newspaper clipping confirming Dillinger was killed.

I highly recommend this replica to fill that ’30s Ford slot in your collection. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Our Ranking: Pop my cork. Pop my cork. Pop my cork. Pop my cork. Pop my cork.