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Franklin Mint 1952 Agajanian

The Franklin Mint
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1952 Agajanian 98 Special

1952 Agajanian 98 Special

Model Stats:
Mint: Franklin Mint
Year: 1952
Make: Agajanian
Model: 98 Special
Color: Troy Ruttman
Scale: 1:16
Year Released: 2000
Part #:YO19
Issue Price:$135.00

Reviewed by:
JSS Software Solutions

Franklin Mint Racer Anyone that followed JSS over the years knows I had a passion for racing and race cars. As a young man I was a Friday Night quarter miler at Numidia Speed - way. My family over the years made some good friends in the industry and we still can be found at Selinsgrove Speedway when the outlaws are in town. Therefore it is no wonder that I own this vintage race car replica.

I believe it was on the final visit to the Franklin Mint fall car show when I purchased this model, it was a stunning model then as it is now. And I truly believe it is one of those sleeper models that like Rodney Dangerfield it just didn't get any respect, and it should have.

Franklin Mint Racer

J.C. Agajanian backed many successful racecars and drivers. At age 22, Troy Ruttman piloted this Agajanian Special to victory at the 1952 Indianapolis 500. Although the car caught fire at a routine pit stop, Ruthman restarted and finished first at an average speed of over 128 miles per hour. His closest competitor, Bill Vukovich, was eliminated when he crashed into a wall with only five minutes to go. And the rest is history, Troy Ruttman went into the record books along with this stunning racecar.

To improve stopping power, racecars like the Agajanian Special were equipped with disc brakes, which had been used on military aircraft during World War II, which enabled them to land safely on short runways. And as you explore all the nook and crannies you will notice the disk brakes on this stunning replica too. The model also comes with the battery box, for starting it, a helmet and gas can, all nice touches which only add pizzazz when displaying the model.

I cropped out the close-up of the engine so you could see the amount of detail which went into it. Look closely and you will see the leather straps which were used to hold the side covers on. For me I love the suspension pieces they really make the model pop with realism. And the interior is just as nice and very detailed too.

Franklin Mint Racer

Since this model has long been out of production you will need to locate one on the secondary market. And just to be clear this is a 1:16th scale model which was released in 2000, if our records are correct. My replica has been on display since new, it shows no signs of age whatsoever, so I wouldn't be worried about rash or paint issues on these if you are lucky enough to find one.

Bottom line, if you feel the need for speed, or cars that are associated with speed then look no further than the Franklin Mint Agajanian Special; you won't be disappointed.