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Diecast Forums 1:24, 1:18, 1:43 scales.
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Posted - 04/01/2016 :  17:48:13  Show Profile
The following steps will get you started with Photobucket.

The service is free for 2 Gigabytes of storage and only requires your
email address.
Photobucket processes all the code necessary to post photos automatically for you.

If you need/want more storage space than the free account, refer to the Photobucket account pricing listed below.
I have what used to be called a Pro Account but now it’s called a Plus Account the 20GB one.

Photobucket account pricing is as follows:
The cost of a PLUS ACCOUNT varies according to how much storage you need.
20 GB - $2.99 / Month, $29.99 / Year * I RECOMMEND THIS ONE. *
50 GB - $4.99 / Month, $49.99 / Year
100 GB - $8.99 / Month, $89.99 / Year
200 GB - $16.99 / Month, $169.99 / Year
500 GB - $39.99 / Month, $399.99 / Year

When you upgrade to a PLUS ACCOUNT:
* You have access to premium email tech support. Email our PLUS Support Team if you can't find the answer to your
question in the help.
* Your account has more storage for your media, and also unmetered bandwidth.
* Your account and your links to third-party websites remain active for the duration of your PLUS subscription.
* Also, you have access to your original size photos that are larger than your photo size option you select for posting.

* About Bandwidth *
Exceeding bandwidth is what made me switch to a PB pro account a few years ago.

On Aug 19th of that year when I logged on to Photobucket and went down to my albums page there was a big red circle with a slash thru it that said I had exceeded my bandwidth limit. That meant no uploads or posting photos until that was resolved. Went to the FAQ to find out how to resolve the bandwidth problem.

Here is what I found out....
Bandwidth is not a measure of how many images are in your album. Rather, it is a measure of how many times the images in your album are being viewed from locations on the Internet where you have posted links to your media. Bandwidth is cumulative over time and does not go down until it is reset. Your bandwidth usage with your free account resets to 0 each month on the anniversary of the day that you originally registered. Which in my case was June 12. I would have to wait until September 12 for the bandwidth to be reset to zero or update to a pro account which is not free. What did it was a large number of hits(views) on one photo within one day and it exceeded my bandwidth. What to do?????? I went PRO and have not regretted it. And those nasty popup ads are not on the pro account.

To sign up for a Photobucket account go to http://photobucket.com/

After you sign up on Photobucket (PB), there are a few user settings you need to select before uploading photos to PB. Because these instructions are very detailed, I know it looks like a lot of steps but they need to be done before uploading any photos to Photobucket so it will work properly. I learned a lot of these steps later on after being on PB for a while and wished I had known about them from the beginning.

1. Sign on to PB then, left click the down arrow beside your username and left click select “USER SETTINGS”.

2A. On the page that is displayed, left click select “ALBUMS” in the heading.

2B. Under “Thumbnail Settings” you have four selections for the sort order you want your photos to be in.

2C. Under “Image Rotation“, left click the small square to the left of “AUTOMATICALLY ROTATE IMAGES ON UPLOAD”.
That should leave a check mark in the small square.

2D. Under “Links“, select your share options for all albums. There several choices you need to select here by
left clicking the small square to the left of each one selected. That should leave a check mark in the small square.
Suggest selecting Email & IM, Direct Link, HTML Code and IMG Code. HTML Code is what D4C uses and IMG Code
is what JSS uses.

2E. Under “Easy Linking Mode“, left click the small square to the left of “TURN ON EASY LINKING MODE”.
That should leave a check mark in the small square. This will show all the links you selected below each photo
within your albums for easy viewing and selection.

2F. Under “Link Back Option“, Leave the small square to the left of “LINK BACK TO ALBUMS” blank. You don’t need it.

2G. Under “Load OPTIONS“, left click “CUSTOMIZE UPLOAD OPTIONS”. That will display a window to select you upload
photo size you wish to have. There are several options to choose from here. I have mine set at 1024x768 pixels.
Left click the small circle to the left of the size you select. That should leave a dark dot in the middle of the circle.
After making your selection, left click the “BLUE SAVE BUTTON”.

2H. Under “Album Privacy Settings“, left click “VIEW AND MANAGE ALBUM PRIVACY SETTINGS”. That will being up a
window with some more selections for you.

2I. Under “Content Privacy“, left click the small square to the left of “ALLOW OTHERS TO COPY MY PHOTOS &
VIDEOS”. That should leave a check mark in the small square.

2J. Under “File Name Scrambling“, DO NOT SELECT FILE NAME SCRAMBLING. It is not necessary or wanted by most

2K. Under “Followers“, I suggest not selecting that either unless you like people being notified each time you upload
photos to PB. I found that out the hard way early on. So I turned the function off.

2L. Under “Album Privacy“, I would strongly suggest making all your albums PRIVATE. That way you are the only
person allowed to make changes to your photos.

3. After making those selections left click the “BLUE SAVE BUTTON”.

4. At this point, back out of Photobucket all the way so the changes can be upgraded into your Photobucket account.
Then come back on and check your USER SETTINGS for accuracy if you wish.

5. Create your first album.

5A. After you have logged in and are setting on your home page, hover the pointer over “LIBRARY” in the heading and
left click select “CREATE ALBUM”.

5B. In the window that displays, key in an album name. I suggest naming this first album MISC. You can upload
photos to this album until at a later time you wish to create another album and move photos that are within MISC
to another album.

5C. Under “DESCRIPTION”, You can key something in here if you wish or leave it blank. I don’t use it.

5D. If you do not wish the new album to be PUBLIC, left click “EDIT” and left click the small circle to the left of
“PRIVATE”. That should leave a dark dot in the middle of the circle.

5E. Under “ADD THIS ALBUM TO AN EXISTING ALBUM”, leave blank unless you are creating a sub-album which in this
case you are not creating a sub-album.

5F. Now, left click the “BLUE CREATE BUTTON” then, back out of Photobucket all the way for the updates to take
affect then come back on and hover over “LIBRARY” in the heading and left click select “VIEW LIBRARY”. On the
page that displays next, you should see the album you created named “MISC” (if you named it that) in the list at
the left.

If you have not already loaded any photos from your camera to the file on your computer which is commonly called “MY PICTURES”, the default photo file on your computer that Photobucket uploads your photos from with Photobucket‘s main uploader, do so before attempting to upload your photos to Photobucket.

To find them, in the header next to your login ID, hover the pointer over “HELP” and left click it.
On the page that shows, scroll down and you will see lots of help articles on how to do things on Photobucket including some video tutorials. Such as the following:
* How to upload photos with the main uploader.
* How to bulk delete.
* How to bulk link via the ORGANIZE function. (You must have Easy Linking Mode enabled to do this.)
* How to bulk select and move photos.
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